EnanJect  5ml(250mg/ml)

EnanJect 5ml(250mg/ml)


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Product Description

EnanJect 5ml – Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid drug with a long life. Currently, many athletes are seeking to purchase enanthate, because its reception is effective when muscle building is required. It should be noted that the set of muscle tissue is due to some water retention and accumulation of fatty layer.
This drug is characterized by a pronounced androgenic and anabolic effect on the body. Testosterone enanthate is able to stimulate recovery after debilitating exercise, besides it increases stamina and general vitality.

The positive qualities and effects of  TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE

When using this drug in the body, the production of protein compounds in muscle tissues is sharply accelerated. This is positive and affects the growth of fibers, and also promotes the acceleration of regenerative processes that start after the end of the session. It should also be noted that the testosterone enanthate price is low and this fact also adds to the popularity of the drug.

However, first of all, the high demand for this steroid, of course, is associated with its high efficiency. The drug has a huge list of positive properties and, if used correctly, will not cause harm to the body. In addition to speeding up the mass gain, the enanthate of the male hormone positively affects the joints, which is important when working with large weights.

What side effects may accompany the reception of Testosterone Enanthate 250

Of all the disadvantages known as the effects of the application of testosterone, more likely at elevated levels noted aromatization (conversion takes place in the active substance estrogens). Therefore, in most cases due to ignoring the recommendations regarding the duration of the course, or primenyamyh doses arise relevant side effects, such as:

  • swelling;
  • Body fat;
  • Gynecomastia.

If you use the old, tried and tested method to eliminate the above problems, it is possible to take antiestrogens. Along with this method many athletes consider more modern methods built on taking aromatase inhibitors directly during the course. A better anti-estrogens include in the diet after the completion of the course – to restore a normal level of testosterone secretion produced by your body. Besides the above-mentioned negative phenomena steroid can cause high blood pressure, loss of the hair, increased aggression, skin diseases as acne.