EC-TROPIN   (HGH)  10iu /vial  2ml vial

EC-TROPIN (HGH) 10iu /vial 2ml vial


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EC-Tropin is produced using gene technology for DNA recombination. It contains high purity human growth hormone (HGH), consisting of 191 amino acid ingredients. The series Amino acid EC-Tropin is equivalent to human growth hormone (HGH), a secreted human pituitary. Its biological titer was determined using cell proliferation tests. EC-Tropin is an aseptic and freeze-dried powder. It can be used in subcutaneous injection diluted with water. After dilution, this substance is close to the liquid state.


Dosage is individual, based on body weight or body surface area and should be determined by the physician. Growth suppression due to insufficient secretion of growth hormone in children: usually at a dose of 0.5-0.7 IU / kg / week or 14-20 IU / m2 / week is recommended. Even higher doses were used. Gonadal generation change (Turner syndrome): a dose of 1.0 IU / kg / week or 28 IU / m2 / week is recommended. Chronic renal failure: A dose of 30IU / m2 / week (approximately 1.0 IU / kg / week) is recommended. Higher doses may be necessary if the growth rate is too slow. The dose should be corrected after six months of treatment. Growth hormone hgh ireland deficiency in adults: the initial dose for about four weeks is 0.125 IU / kg / week, it is recommended. The daily dose should vary depending on the patient’s side effects, and the definition of insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the serum as a guide. The weekly dose should be divided into 7 injections subcutaneously. Injections should be changed to prevent lipoathrophy. If the treatment was forgotten one day did not take double doses the next day, but continue the treatment as directed. For severe burns or multiple injuries, an initial dose of 10IU / day is recommended, after which 16IU / day after the blood glucose level of the patients is stabilized. The usual treatment begins 6 days after burns or injuries and the treatment lasts about 15-20 days. For large operations, 10IU / day for 10 days is recommended, the typical begins treatment within 2-3 days after surgery. For topical application to the wound or ulcerous surface, a dose of 0.2IU / cm2 is recommended three times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the healing time.


Before the preparation peptides uk is diluted (powder mixed with liquid), you can store EC-Tropin at room temperature (77oF for less) for up to three months. Keep it in a box to protect it from light. Do not freeze. The product can be used within 7 days after reconstitution and stored in a refrigerator.