Decaplex 275

Decaplex 275


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Product Description

Decaplex 275 (nandrolone decanoate) – one of the first steroids, was widely used by athletes of the USSR, freely released in pharmacies under the trade name “Retabolil”. Has a very ambiguous reputation in view of a wide range of side effects that will inevitably manifest themselves if the athlete does not follow certain rules in building a course with nandrolone. In general, in the hands of a person who understands the specifics of this drug, who knows about the intricacies of his reception, the Decaplex becomes a powerful weapon in the development of quality muscle mass and strength.

Form of issue

Vials 10 ml x 250 mg / ml


Effective dosage of 3-4 mg per kg of weight of the athlete. In cases of use in combination with other AS, this dosage can be reduced by 20-30%

Reviews about Decaplex

Athletes who are aware of possible “pills” of the drug, and most importantly, ways to deal with them, leave positive feedback on Decaplex 275. There is an increase in dry muscle mass, a significant increase in strength, improving the health of joints and ligaments.

Perhaps, this steroid has the maximum effect in terms of increasing the strength indicators and improving the health of joints and ligaments. This is repeatedly mentioned in the responses about Decaplex athletes, performing in such disciplines as powerlifting, power extreme.