Danabol 10 (dianabol)

Danabol 10 (dianabol)


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Danabol 10 is the trade name for methandienone, the most popular oral steroid. The production is handled by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL, popularly known as Balkan Pharma. A drug is produced in Moldova, where this steroid is still legal, and is allowed to be sold. It is worth noting that in the Soviet Union “methane” was sold in pharmacies, which determines its high popularity among athletes with experience. Today, this drug takes its place in the training of weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders. Its advantages are a small price, and a significant anabolic effect.

Danabol – active chemical Methandrostenolone (Methandienone), oral anabolic steroid, which has a powerful effect on the protein metabolism of an athlete. The production of protein by the body is accelerating because of the increased synthesis of proteins. All this leads to a positive nitrogen balance. The production of cortisol is reduced by 50 – 70%, respectively, the decomposition of protein in muscle cells decreases. Improves the athlete’s mood, appetite, self-esteem, due to Danabold the results in increasing muscle mass and strength, and accordingly, as a rule, and improving the appearance of the athlete. The chemical formula of Danabol is similar to Methyltestosterone. Danabol  has a strong anabolic and moderate androgenic effect compared to testosterone. With  Danabol, the athlete (especially the beginner) is rapidly increasing muscle mass and strength. The athlete adds 1-2 kg. A week for 8 weeks, of course with good nutrition, training and rest. The collected mass varies very much depending on the amount of fat and water collected. Because depending on the diet, as well as the athlete’s inclination to accumulate water in the body or use of antiestrogens, you can recruit both absolutely dry muscle mass and muscle mass in the style of “hippopotamus”. Methandrostenolone is certainly strongly aromatized, and therefore most athletes consider it a bad steroid for reducing fat, preparing for bodybuilding performances, etc., but it all depends on the athlete’s experience. An experienced athlete understands that in order to be embossed for the level of just the beach and this steroid is perfect, especially in combination with Proviron. Once again, a lot of things depend on nutrition, not on methandrostenolone. This steroid can help you increase the mass in the style of the appearance of the “piglet”, and vice versa reduce the amount of fat, while maintaining muscle mass and look very bold, it all depends on the diet and the accumulation of water, which is easily controlled by anti-estrogens.

Of the side effects of Danabol possible:

  • pimples, which are always held after the course
  • pressure increase due to water retention
  • gynecomastia, if there is a predisposition to it
  • liver problems, if it is initially ill