CLOMID 50 mg/tab 50 tabs

CLOMID 50 mg/tab 50 tabs


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Product Description

Dosage and administration:

To stimulate ovulation administered at  Clomid 50 mg 1 once a day at bedtime, starting with day 5 of the menstrual cycle, for 5 days (in the absence of the cycle – at any time). If no effect (ovulation does not develop for 30 days) increase the dose of Clomid 150 mg / day or lengthen the course of 10 days. Heading dose should not exceed 1, the development of ovulation is determined by the presence of a biphasic basal body temperature, the mean cyclic enhance production of LH, increase serum progesterone during the luteal phase of the probable average or menstrual bleeding women with amenorrhea. If ovulation occurs and pregnancy is not, it should be repeated reception of the same dose of the next treatment course. If, after probably held ovulation was no menstrual bleeding , should take into account the possibility of pregnancy, and before a new course of treatment is necessary to eliminate this possibility.

Men appoint Clomid 50 mg 1-2 times a day for 3-4 months (systematic control spermiogram).

Side effects

Cystic ovarian enlargement; hot flashes; Nausea; Dizziness, headache; Visual disturbances.



severe renal and hepatic failure;

uterine bleeding of unknown etiology;

ovarian cyst;

swelling, or lack of function of the pituitary;