Clen 40 (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)

Clen 40 (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)


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Product Description

Clen 40 – Clenbuterol (often referred to simply as “Clen”) – this is not a steroid, is a sympathomimetic and central nervous system stimulant, a specific agonist which stimulates beta-2 adrenergic receptors. In some countries it is used in medicine as bronholiticheskigo for the treatment of asthma, due to the long half-life. However, it is not approved for use in the US and the UK.

Athletes and bodybuilders use clenbuterol mainly due to its thermogenic and anti-catabolic effects. Effect of the drug is that it significantly increases the core body temperature. This increases the consumption of calories. It is believed that the increase in body temperature of 1 ° increases the volume of the combustion calorie of 5%. Results from animal studies suggest that clenbuterol has an anabolic properties. These effects of the drug are mild in humans, probably because of the small number of beta-3 receptors, and increases the production of insulin sensitivity.

Clenbuterol belongs to beta 2-agonists (ons beta2-adrenergic receptors) and is used in many countries as a treatment for asthma and other lung diseases. Due to its long half life, clenbuterol is not approved by the FDA for medical use. As a stimulant of the central nervous sisstemy, it acts like adrenaline, also having many similarities with CNS stimulants such as effedrin. Despite grafting opinion, Clenbuterol has a half life of 35 hours, not 48 hours.

Clenbuterol course

Clenbuterol course on its strength is very strong and can be extremely rezultativen important to properly use the anabolic.

Usually the course of clenbuterol most athletes start from the first day in the smallest dosage is 20 – 40 micrograms of the active substance.

In order to your body and its receptors muscles could adapt to the new intake of this powerful drug.

In the first five days of the course quite possible clenbuterol such negative manifestations of its

1. High sweating even in the quiescent state

2. Increase in body temperature

3. Rapid rapid heartbeat

4. Headache mild pain

5. Trembling fingers

6. Most of the excitability of the whole organism

7. Insomnia (especially if you frequently drink clenbuterol in the evening)


Application and dosage.
Clenbuterol is available in tablet dosage 20-40mkg although also acceptable release form in syrup and solution for inhalation. The dosage depends on how much the user responds to the side effects, but whatever it was, mostly 5-8 tabs / day for men and 1-4 tabs / day for women.