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Boldenone 200


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Product Description

Boldenone 200 is a synthetic steroid of anabolic action. The androgenic and estrogenic action of the drug is similar to testosterone, but it is not so pronounced. The formula of the drug differs from testosterone in the presence of a double bond in the first and fourth positions. This property is its main advantage over testosterone.
Boldenone 200, which is a methandrostenol, devoid of 17-alpha methyl group, promotes the passage of this substance through the liver, without undergoing destruction. Due to this, the maximum anabolic effect is observed with minimal aromatization, and maintaining the nitrogen balance at a normal level.

Boldenone, the most commonly used steroid for a course on dry weight. Combine for this purpose especially with trenbolone, stanozolol and testosterone propionate. I’m not a big fan of testosterone on drying, although propionate is still very successfully used by very many. Stanozolol in practice is indispensable for increasing muscle rigidity and strength, while, boldenone increases venousity without the risk of aromatization. 50 mg of stanozolol every day with boldennom 300-400 mg / week. They will be able to achieve results, while maintaining increased venous and relief, while losing fat accumulations. Trenbolone can be a worthy addition for those who are looking for moderate results in bulk, but are good at achieving quality musculature. Parabolan 76 mg every other day, for example, will bring a real result, for dry weight in combination with boldenum, without the problem of losing shape and relief. In any case, the choice is yours. For example, 300 mg Equipose per week with Parabolan 76 mg and Winstrol 50 mg every day, plus + testosterone propionate 50 mg per day.

Solo course Boldenol 200

Boldenol 200 is used both solo and in combination with other steroids. If you need a good course of drying, it will be relevant to add Winstrol or Anawara. When you need a set of mass, testosterone or trenbolone is good. Post-course therapy is not required.

If there is a violation of recommendations regarding the administration of boldenone undlessilate, a phenomenon such as a side effect may occur. In comparison with testosterone, it is not so strongly susceptible to aromatization and shows less high estrogenic activity. Due to this, the risk of edema, gynecomastia and high blood pressure, is minimal. The manifestation of virilization, acne, baldness, prostatic hypertrophy, also the crane is rare.

Benefits boldenone

The effects of boldenone ppomogayut build with the help of his muscle mass of the mountain. Despite its relatively long action you do not flood water, and the combination of testosterone does not cause side effects.

As a rule, already in the first week, there is an increased power performance and strength endurance. Pumping becomes more pronounced, resulting in some view as boldenone for drying the formulation. In addition, it increases the appetite, which is quite important to maintain normal protein synthesis.