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Product Description

Anapolon is the most powerful form of oral steroid in it active ingredient oximetalone. This type of drug has the property of a very rapid increase in the total body weight of the training athlete.

Oral steroid anapolone has the property of a very long delay of all possible micro elements, amino acids and water in the muscle fiber, due to this there is a rapid increase in the body weight of the athlete.

Anapolon 50: dosage and combination with other drugs

The optimum dosage of the steroid is 1-2 tablets per day (50-100mg). Professional athletes can take the maximum dose – about 3 tablets daily (150 mg). The best time to use tablets – meal. If an athlete uses two pills daily, this should be done in the morning and evening. Anadrol overall rate should be between 6 and 9 weeks. Steroids over a long period of time, can adversely affect the health of the athlete.

It should be noted that the AAC is well combined with injectable drugs, so athletes combine it with injections of Sustanon and Testosterone in general. This prevents the loss of muscle mass. Its combination with Sustanon and Parabolan – one of the most popular athletes, who as a result are an excellent boost power performance and a solid increase in muscle mass combined with its good quality.

When this anabolic androgen and combined with nandrolone decanoate, muscle buildup occurs more efficiently. Receiving Anadrol 50 also recommended and athletes who suffer from diseases of the joints, since it is not only water accumulates in muscle, but also helps to increase the volumes of natural lubrication, supplied to the joints.

Side effects Anapolon

Hepatotoxicity, virilization, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, vomiting, diarrhea; with concomitant anticoagulation – bleeding.