Anadrol 25 (Oxymetholone)

Anadrol 25 (Oxymetholone)


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Oxymetholone, better known among athletes as a Western Anadrol® or «A-bombs», which is very illustratively. In the former CIS countries it is more commonly known as Anadrol. Anadrol was first developed by the pharmaceutical company Syntex in 1960. Its original purpose was the treatment of various diseases as a medicine. But there came a time when the use of Anadrol was to do more harm than good, and have been developed for safer drugs for the treatment of ailments of data.

This made the production of Anadrol-profit enterprise, and gradually all the pharmaceutical companies engaged in production of oxymetholone ceased production of the substance. However, in the late 90’s, it was recognized that when used correctly, Anadrol is an effective tool for the treatment of wasting syndrome caused by the human immunodeficiency virus and its production has been resumed. This was very good news for athletes and bodybuilders as oxymetholone is one of the most powerful androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) in the world , and perhaps the most powerful and completely.

Anadrol is one of the most effective and strong steroids. This drug has a strong androgenic effect and at the same time it is intensively anabolic. Thanks to this action Anadrol, you can in a short time to increase muscle mass and strength.
Anadrol – this is not the drug that is usually used during preparation for competitions, but it helps to maintain muscle mass while maintaining a special diet, and also provides intensive training. Keep in mind that sometimes the effect does not make you wait long. And in two weeks there can be an increase in weight to 5-7 kilograms. But remember that this effect can evaporate as quickly as it appeared.
For women, the use of Anadrol is contraindicated. Also, this oral steroid can disrupt the functioning of the liver. So, if you already have any health problems, then read the instructions carefully. The duration of the course usually lasts 4-6 weeks. Do not exceed the consumption of Anadrol for more than six weeks.
The best results you notice in the first three weeks of the course, this is the first, and secondly, this oral steroid has a negative effect on the liver. In order to achieve maximum efficiency from the adoption of this steroid, take with him a complex of special sports nutrition that will provide a set of muscle mass, as well as stick to a diet for mass gain.