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Product Description

Actrapid – pork insulin (highly purified) with a short period of validity. After 30 minutes after taking the action of the drug begins. The peak of action is observed after 2.5-5 hours after administration. The duration of the action is 8 hours.
The effect of insulin has an approximate profile: the drug has significant individual characteristics and its effect depends on the size of the dose taken.

Mode of application

The dose is determined by the doctor in each individual case in accordance with the patient’s condition. When using an actrapid in pure form, it is usually prescribed 3 times a day (possibly up to 5-6 times). The drug can be administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously. Within 30 minutes after the administration of the drug, you must take food. With individual selection of insulin therapy, it is possible to use actrapid in combination with long-acting insulins.
Actrapid can be mixed in a syringe with other highly purified insulin. When mixed with zinc suspensions of insulin, the injection must be done immediately. When mixing long-acting insulins with short-acting actrapids, it is necessary to first enter into a syringe. The concomitant use of MAO inhibitors of corticosteroids, glucagon, hormonal contraceptives, furosemide hormone therapy of the thyroid gland, alcohol may entail an increase in the need for insulin.


Overdose symptoms: sleep disturbance, headache, pallor, paresthesia in the mouth, agitation, hunger, tremor, palpitation, sudden increase in sweating (initial symptoms of hypoglycemia). In severe cases of overdose, there is a risk of falling into a coma.
Treatment of overdose: in case of an overdose in case of mild hypoglycemia, the patient is able to solve the problem independently by taking sugar or sugar-rich foods. In severe cases – intramuscular injection of 1 mg of glucagon. If necessary, therapy continues with intravenous administration of concentrated glucose solutions.