Steroids in bodybuilding

Steroids are preparations based on synthetic testosterone. Simply put, steroids in bodybuilding are the suppliers of artificial testosterone to our body. What is testosterone and why you need it you can read here.

Perhaps, anyone who is engaged in or is going to do bodybuilding, at least once thought why some bodybuilders are so strong and huge, and you have little in this plan. The constant visit to the hall, observance of the diet and the regime of the day when copying the champion’s programs for some reason does not give in return the muscles that you dream about. At the same time, you can not refuse your purposefulness and discipline.

And the reason is trivial: professional bodybuilders, using anabolic steroids in bodybuilding, grow in leaps and bounds, while a natural bodybuilder who does not resort to pharmacology services is forced to shed the sweat rivers in order to achieve the result.

Without anabolic buying steroids online, it’s difficult to reach a professional level, so if your dream is to become a new “Mr. Olympia” or just a bodybuilding champion, but do not intend to take anabolics, you probably should quit. Figures say that in the United States, about 100-150 thousand dollars are spent per month for preparing for the above-mentioned competition, and most of these funds go just to buy sports nutrition and steroids.

But did you know that steroids in bodybuilding do not build muscle by themselves? Muscle gain (in this case, pure muscle mass, rather than the one formed due to water retention, which is formed by highly anandrogenic steroids) when an athlete receives anabolic medications is possible and occurs only because of the speed of the body’s recovery function. Why, then, take steroids online, if you increase the recovery function without them. In this case, the secretion of hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, and also insulin-like factor can also be regulated. Of course, giving results will not be easy and not on such a scale, but there are a number of advantages in this.


What are the different types of anabolic steroids and how do they differ?

Testosterone, like many other hormones, is produced by strictly defined organs of the body. It performs strictly defined functions and is quickly eliminated from the body. When they learned that testosterone helps to gain muscle mass and determines the development of secondary male sexual characteristics, physicians tried to use testosterone during the treatment of diseases that cause loss of muscle mass. Unfortunately, testosterone in its natural form has a half-life in the body of only about ten minutes. This means that half the dose of testosterone is removed from the body ten minutes after it was injected there. After that, half of the remaining amount is output every ten minutes. Within an hour of the initial amount, nothing remains. Injection of natural testosterone into the muscle can stretch the time of complete decay to ten hours, but this is not enough to produce any effect.steroids in bodybuilding

Chemists worked on natural testosterone to create a drug that works like testosterone, but lives in the body long enough to produce some kind of effect. As a result, testosterone derivatives such as 17-alpha-alkylate, 17-beta ether and 1-methyl were obtained. All the anabolic steroids currently in use are variations of one of these three derivatives of the testosterone molecule. All of them enter the body in various ways and give different side effects. 17-alpha-alkylates and 1-methyls are taken orally, and 17-beta-esters are administered as injections. For convenience, they are classified as oral and injectable. Oral steroids in bodybuilding. Oral steroids can be found in the body a few weeks after discontinuation of use. This time is enough for medical purposes, but still a little when compared with injecting. Athletes primarily experiment with oral anabolics. They are convenient to store and eat, but they do not work well on the liver, in addition to the usual set of anabolic side effects. Side effects are described in detail in the section “Do steroids for sale cause liver damage?” Athletes usually continue to use oral drugs even if they start using injectable anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. Some use oral drugs to slip through the doping check: most oral drugs do not live in the body for longer than injections. When the competitions approach, the athlete starts using short-lived drugs, then, four to six weeks before the start, stops using completely, so that the urine is clean during the check. Many athletes and trainers are convinced that it is necessary to use both oral and injectable drugs at the same time according to a certain scheme.