Relatively pure course – Primobolan Winstrol

Week 1: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 2: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 3: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 4: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 5: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 6: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 7: 300 mg of 150 mg

Week 8: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 9: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 10: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 11: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 12: 100 mg of 50 mg

PrimobolanThe effect of this combination can be strengthened by introducing the third component. These are usually some androgen, for example, omnadren, testanate or testosterone propionate. Those who do not want to expose themselves to the slightest risk of their own health as an androgenic component can try to apply andriol. In general, it should be noted that the combination of testosterone and Winstrol is one of the most favorite dishes in the arsenal of experienced bodybuilders who have long since discovered that with simultaneous use of androgens with Winstrol, the effectiveness of both components increases dramatically. In this case, there is a synergistic effect, and the receptors of muscle cells more successfully trap the steroid molecules. As for primobolan (at least, its injectable form), it can be used not only in combination with Winstrol, but also with other drugs, such as methane, sustanone and others.

When designing admission regimens based on injections of Primobolan and Winstrol, it is important to consider how long this and the other drug works. For example, injectable primobolan is an enanthate form of methenolone, and therefore “works” for a relatively long time, and it is not necessary to inject more often than once a week. By the way, in favor of rarer injections says a relatively high concentration of the drug – 100 mg in one ampoule. As for Winstrol, since injectable Winstrol (Winstrol Depot) is, in fact, an aqueous solution of stanozolol (suspension), the half-life of this steroid is quite short. As a result, athletes have experimentally found out that injections of Winstrol should be done quite often – at least three times a week. It is for this reason that objectively more effective Winstrol Depot is often replaced by oral Winstrol. It happens in those cases when the weekly dosage of the user is relatively low. Judge for yourself: 150 mg Winstrol per week is ideal for the user, since these are three ampoules of 50 mg, which can be stitched every other day. Well, what if the weekly dosage is only 50-100 mg? Doing one or two injections per week is not very effective, and then vinstrol tablets, whose dosage is only 2 mg, come to the rescue.

My thoughts on Primobolan: By Dylan Gemelli

In general, the extremely rapid inclusion in the work of Winstrol – one of the most valuable qualities of this drug. Competing bodybuilders claim that they begin to “feel” the work of Winstrol in some two hours after the injection! Experimenting with Winstrol and doing just one injection per week, I myself discovered a clear pattern: the next day after the injection (or rather the evening) I entered the room and experienced a significant surge of energy and was able to raise more than usual weight!

Winstrol depotAnother property Winstrol loved by bodybuilders is that it can lead to a marked increase in muscle volume with local injections, acting like an esciclena.

From the foregoing it is clear that primobolan and Winstrol can be used when working for “mass”, but in precompetition preparation these preparations are simply irreplaceable, as they do not cause aromatization and do not lead to water retention. Primobolan, which is generally inferior in its anabolic properties to retabolil (deca-durabolin), is also valued by competing bodybuilders also because it leaves the body relatively quickly, while the restabolil is “caught” in doping control even a year after the completion of its intake!

Another valuable quality of primobolan when working on the relief is that it is able to promote muscle building even when the body is experiencing a calorie deficit.

Interesting things tell about oral primobolana: allegedly applying it locally to especially heavily “swollen” areas, you can achieve fat burning. The famous American steroid guru Dan Duchain in his book “Ask the guru” even explains how to do it: “My advice: buy a mortar and pestle, crush four 5 mg tablets, pour 1 / 4-1 / 2 teaspoon 99% dimethyl sulfoxide and mix before dissolution, some of the tablet binder is insoluble, so do not wait for complete dissolution.Dilute the mixture with water to 55% solution (1: 1, dimethylsulfoxide: water) and apply this solution to the skin, to those stubborn places that are difficult melt even with severe diet e. The steroid is absorbed quickly into the skin and into the bloodstream. This method all the 20 mg primobolanatsetata fall in blood. “