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Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic testosterone in the body. The effect of anabolic steroids is usually divided into two types: an order steroids anabolic effect that helps increase muscle mass, and androgenic, developing and enhancing male sexual characteristics.
Anabolic steroids can be prescribed in Israel as a medicine by a doctor in the presence of medical indications, as, for example, in the case of hypogonadism. However, in Israel and throughout the world anabolic steroids are prohibited for bodybuilding and improving sports achievements.
In Israel, according to the order on pharmaceutical preparations, it is forbidden to import anabolic steroids, not approved by the Ministry of Health, and it is forbidden to sell them without a doctor’s prescription. In the US, the supervision of anabolic steroids is similar to the surveillance of dangerous drugs.

Unauthorized use of anabolic steroids

The unauthorized use of anabolic steroids and other substances that improve performance is known use of anabolic steroidsmainly in competitive sports (doping), but the range of people using
these substances is much broader.
Young people and adolescents use these drugs for bodybuilding, improving appearance and improving athletic performance in competitive and order steroids non-competitive sports. In the US, about two-thirds of people who use steroids are bodybuilders who do not compete. In bodybuilding, steroids are almost always used in combination with prescription drugs and with dietary supplements that affect the body in various ways, and this increases the risk of developing inter-drug reactions. Bodybuilders combine prescription medicines with anabolic steroids to combat the side effects of steroids and improve their body’s capabilities and appearance. These habits of self-medication sometimes cause severe side effects and sudden death of young people involved in bodybuilding.
There is a danger that these drugs, which are taken by bodybuilders along with anabolic steroids, such as Clenbuterol and Tamoxifen, may be more toxic to people taking them than the steroids themselves.

Source and type of illegal anabolic steroids

There are many types of anabolic steroids that are taken illegally. The most common of these are Testosterone, Stanozolol, Metandienone, Nandrolone and Oxandrolol. These drugs are injected into the body through a syringe or orally.

Primore (injections) is another steroid that is safe for order steroids health, which stimulates the growth of dry muscle mass, strength and endurance. This is an excellent choice for beginning athletes who want to quickly and without risk build beautiful muscles.

The recommended dosage for injection Primover mail order steroid is 200-300 ml (2-3 ampoules) per week. This is enough to get a few pounds of pure muscle mass per course without the slightest harm to health. Under the influence of the drug, muscles do not just increase in volume, but become firmer, more bold and look natural. With its help, you can significantly accelerate the progress of sports and quickly achieve your goals without any damage to health.

order steroidsTo keep mail order steroid the muscles growing fast, you need to consume a sufficient amount of protein. If the usual diet is not order steroids enough to meet the needs of the body, you can use sports nutrition.

Stanover (injections) is one of the most harmless and safe injection steroids. Used to improve the relief of muscles and maintain a form in the period between the courses of strong steroids, has a drying and fat burning effect.

Since the active ingredient stavera is dissolved in water, and not in oil, like most other steroids, it acts quickly. To maintain a consistently high concentration of it in the blood, it is necessary to make injections at least once every two days, but preferably daily.

Stanover has a high bioavailability, there are no contraindications. It fits well with other injectable and oral steroids, especially good in combination with mail order steroid Turinabol and Oxandrolone. In this case, the fat burning effect becomes even more pronounced, as is the increase in dry muscle mass. As a result, the muscles become elastic and relief, but the total volume of muscle mass does not decrease.

Steroids for improving the quality of the muscles, such as order steroids the Stanover, Stanozolol or Primover, it is better to take during the off-season, between the courses of strong steroids for weight gain. To increase mass mail order steroid more conveniently and more effectively in a cold season – in the autumn or in the winter. Therefore, “dry” – in spring or summer.