Despite the considerable experience of use in sports practice, the effectiveness of most drugs classified according to the classification to the class of androgens and anabolic steroids is based only on guesswork. This is not surprising: strictly documented evidence of the use of these drugs is not so much – athletes tend to be reluctant to share with doctors (unless it’s their personal physicians) what types of doping and how much they take. And experiments are clearly not enough, and to attract athletes to participate in them (and in fact we are interested, first of all, the influence of AAS on sports results) is often extremely difficult.

But there is one exception – a drug called oral turinabol. The use of this drug in sports practice in its “homeland” – in the German Democratic Republic – has been documented so thoroughly that it is possible to speak with almost absolute certainty about effectiveness, application areas, and side effects from the use of oral turinabol.

A bit of history

After the erection of the wall that divided Berlin into two parts, East Germany became something of an outcast not only in Europe, but throughout the world, which is accustomed to calling itself democratic. The GDR leadership needed to take decisive steps to raise the prestige of the “first socialist state on German soil” (which, it later turned out, was the last, fortunately, frankly). Arena, where the advantage of mythical “socialist values” was clearly demonstrated, sport was elected.

Efforts at the highest level were not wasted – at the Olympics, held not anywhere, but in Munich – the very heart of the capitalist part of Germany, the athletes from the GDR made a sensation, took the second place (after the USSR team) in the team event and won … gold medals. One of the foundational stones that laid the foundation for such overwhelming success was the drug, created and produced by the pharmaceutical company VEB Jenafarm, which received the name oral turinabol (sometimes using oral-turbine).

The drug was first used in medical practice in 1965, and a year later it was heavily used in sports. Initially, only men were his consumers, but since 1968 a new drug has been used in the training of women. I repeat once again: the use of oral turinabol was carefully documented. In 1973, a secret document was published, from which it follows that the result in women in the shot put was increased by approximately two meters (!) Due to the use of only two tablets of oral turinabol (10 mg) for 11 weeks. The results grew with the dosages of the drug and the duration of its use. In 1972, not only all athletics of the GDR, but also other high-speed, power and speed-power sports “based” on oral turinabole.

What it is

TurinabolOral turinabol is in fact a version of methandrostenolone, in the fourth position of which a chlorine atom was introduced. Hence the official name oral turinabol – 4-chloro-? – dihydromethyltestosterone. This modernization made the drug virtually unaffected by aromatization. But not only this – the metabolites of oral turinabol were very quickly leaving the body, which in terms of the threat of doping tests could be considered an indisputable advantage.

Like the vast majority of oral AAS, oral turinabol is alkylated by 17- ?, which means it is potentially dangerous for the liver. However, no one report was reported about its obvious negative impact on this vital organ. Even with prolonged use.

Oral turinabol strongly resembles methandrostenolone not only in the structure of the molecule – the effect of both drugs can also be called similar. However, unlike methandrostenolone, the use of oralturinolol leads to a somewhat less dramatic increase in weight due to the fact that the drug practically does not retain water. At the same time, the increase in the mass can be called qualitative, most of the achieved does not disappear anywhere after the “course”.

Despite the fact that oral turinabol does not aromatize, and in itself is a sufficiently “soft” drug, with its long application, nevertheless, the secretion of endogenous testosterone is suppressed. But not in the same degree as the compared with it methandrostenolone.

Oral Turinabol (tbol) Educational Video

Oral turinabol in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, oral turinabol can be called a beginner. Not surprisingly – during my youth in our country, the “pharmacological king” of the basement “rocking chairs”, I remember, was a “methane”, a pack of which in pharmacies cost two rubles and two kopecks. And if you add to it the same inexpensive retabolil and testosterone, what else did you need for complete happiness? That oral turinabol, which was brought from trips that were not very frequent at that time abroad, even to countries that were called “fraternal” (the GDR was considered almost the most prestigious of the countries of the socialist camp for travel), settled mainly in the pockets of athletics trainers and their charges. In the basement “rocking chairs” oral turinabol was the same curiosity as stanozolol. Yes, and the price of the drug is not very much deceived.

It was not known “gedeeraovskim unique” and in the countries of the capitalist camp. In any case, none of the bodybuilders of the time did not admit to using oral turinabol. Yes, what it uses – just know about its existence! Everything changed literally a couple of years ago, when thanks to the efforts of several enthusiasts this very, very interesting drug was revived. Wide access to the market – and at once a stunning success. In the US, oralturinol became just a hit of sales! What ensured his success?

Oral turinabol in bodybuildingFirst, oral turinabol allows you to increase your strengths and is quite successful, despite the fact that many experts claim the opposite. Frankly, I do not know what these experts rely on, trying to defend their opinion – the tablet that was given in the first chapter of the article, in my opinion, unambiguously speaks in favor of the growth of power results under the influence of oral turinabol.

On the other benefits of the drug. Oral turinabol, as already mentioned, quickly leaves the body (not found in the urine after 6-8 days after the end of admission). As far as I know, no positive doping test has been recorded so far on oral turinabol. By the way, now, again – as far as I know, doping tests for oralturinolabol are not made at all – the drug is considered to be gone from sports practice. However, everything at any moment can change, as it happened with the notorious genabol (norboleton), which made so much noise after the 2000 Olympics.

A positive feature of the drug can be considered to make the muscles stiff (I will remind you again – the use of the drug does not lead to any significant accumulation of water). Experience in the use of oral turinabol indicates that it is almost mandatory to be present in the precompetition training of a bodybuilder – the drug copes well with the task of protecting muscle mass from destruction.

In the period of precompetitive preparation, oraltalurinol is usually combined with trenbolone, stanozololol or oxandrolone. Very good results give a combination of oral turinabol with testosterone propionate. The combination of “oral turinabol + oxandrolone” is too weak, it can be recommended only to women.

You can use oral turinabol in the stage of mass collection, including it in various combinations (for example, with testosterone, nandrolone or a combination thereof) instead of methandrostenolone. It is recommended for those athletes who want to achieve not just a “watery” mass, but quality musculature.

There is a drug and one more feature. At one time, oral turinabol had the nickname “sex drug”, it appeared because this steroid led to a pronounced and fairly rapid increase in libido in men. Often, however, unnecessarily strong – so much so that the idea of ​​training somehow itself went into the background.

By the way, this property, as well as the ability to suppress the production of endogenous testosterone only to a small extent, makes it possible to take oral turinabol (in moderate dosages) in the intervals between the cycles of “severe” AAS.

About the dosage of drugs in popular publications now it is not accepted to speak, therefore I will try to resort to the “Aesop language”. In athletics, at one time, the following formula for calculating the daily dose was taken, mg: body weight in pounds / 10. For bodybuilders this is clearly not enough. Let’s just say: if the pounds in the above formula are replaced by kilograms, and the number 10 by 1.5, then it will be approximately “it.” And you can say that: the optimal dose for male bodybuilding can be considered a dosage that exceeds your usual dosage of “methane” by about one and a half times. You can take the drug once a day, for example, in the morning, or you can divide the daily dose into two parts.

Oral turinabol can be considered safe enough for women, at moderate dosages (which are below the “masculine” approximately 2-2.5 times) for a not very long period of time (4-5 weeks), it does not lead to the appearance of virilization phenomena. In any case, this is evidenced by the data of numerous studies.

The drug was first used in medical practice in 1965, and a year later it was heavily used in sports. Initially, only men were his consumers, but since 1968 a new drug has been used in the training of women. I must say that the use of oral turinabol was carefully documented. In 1973, a secret document was published, from which it follows that the result in women in the shot put was increased by approximately two meters (!) Due to the use of only two tablets of oral turinabol (10 mg) for 11 weeks.