Methandrostenolone (Methandienone)

Dianabol is a new sample used today by the oral steroid, which has a strong effect on protein metabolism. Under the influence of Dianabol, the synthesis of proteins is intensified, and thus the production of protein by the body is accelerated. This effect is expressed in a positive balance of nitrogen in the body and in improving the general condition of a person. The balance of calcium is also a positive effect: Dianabol contributes to the intake of calcium in bone tissue. Dianabol is indicated for all diseases and conditions in which the anabolic effect is shown (the effect is directed to the accelerated growth of the protein) and the restorative effect (part of the annotation withdrawn in 1982 from the sale of the German anabolic Dianabol firm Ciba, Ver / Baden).

MethandienoneDianabol is an oral anabolic that was obtained by the American doctor John Ziegler with the assistance of the firm Ciba-Geigy in 1956. It began selling in the USA for the first time in 1960. And a little bit later it was already on the markets of many countries. For several years, Dianabol has become the favorite and most used anabolic athlete of all sports. 1.05.82 the company “Ciba-Geigy” withdrew all the drugs sold under the trade name Dianabol from sale, and, in all forms of its release, because of abuses. The firm then explained its step to the growing misuse of Dianabol in some developing countries, where this drug was prescribed to increase appetite, to better assimilate the proteins, and without exception, even to women and children. Three years later, on 1.05.85, anabolic veterinary anabol was also withdrawn from sale. Because the patent law of the firm “Ciba-Geigy” for the active chemical substance methandrostenolone (and also methandienone) has not been valid for several years, other companies have the right to provide athletes with this medicine. Manufacturers of the most diverse countries began to market this substance under their own names (see the list of trade names). By its chemical structure, Dianabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone. And as a result, Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect, which manifests itself in a huge increase in strength and mass. Dianabol is simply a “steroid of muscle mass”, which acts quickly and reliably. Adding one two kilograms a week for the first six weeks is when taking Dianabol norm. The weight gain of the body is made up of the true increase in tissue (hypertrophy of the muscle fibers) and, above all, from a noticeable fluid retention in the body. Dianabol is very easily aromatized, i.e. part of the substance is converted into estrogens, so that Dianabol is not a very good tool when preparing for competitions. Excessive accumulation of water and aromatization can be easily avoided in most cases by simultaneous combination with the use of Nolvadex and Proviron, so that some athletes can use Dianabol all the time until 3-4 days before the competition.

The range of dosages is very different, especially among bodybuilding athletes, weightlifters and athletes of power lifting. This spectrum extends from 2 tablets per day to 20 or more tablets daily intake. Those athletes who believe that they should definitely take a two-digit number of tablets on a daily basis should listen to Ciba-Geigy’s statement about their own drug Dianabol, saying interesting and worthy of attention: “The most obvious criterion for the action of Dianabol is the increase in body weight There seems to be no direct proportionality between weight gain and dosage height. ” Authors R. Hecr and H. De Mare insist on this in his book “hormonal regulation and psychophysical predisposition in big sports,” where on page 55 you can read: “It is impossible to establish any simple interdependencies between the dose taken and the height of its concentration in blood”. It goes without saying that the authors do not mean that from now on every athlete should take only one 5-milligram tablet a day, and yet this statement along with long-term observations help the athletes to pick up for themselves an individual reasonable dose. The daily dose, which really works well for an athlete, is somewhere between 15 and 40 mg per day. Dosage should always correspond to the individual characteristics of the athlete. Beginners in steroids should never take more than 15 to 20 mg per day, because already with this dose in 8 – 10 weeks they can achieve fantastic results. If, however, the effect of the drug on this group of athletes decreases after about eight weeks, and the athlete still would like to continue the course, he should not increase the dosage of the drug, you only need in addition to him to take any injection steroid, such as Deca-Durabolin 200 mg per week or Primabolon at 200 mg per week or completely switch to one of the above drugs.

The use of testosterone in this stage is not recommended. Wait a little, everything is still ahead. For the very impatient and already experienced athletes (athletes of the advanced stage), a combination of Dianabol 20-30 mg per day and Deca-Durabolin 200-400 mg per week will create wonders. Daniel Duchaine himself in his book “The Handbook of Steroids 2″ writes on page 33: “If you do not build a mass with Deca and Dianabol, then do not build anything at all, no matter how good the drug is.

How to bulk up with Dianabol?

In essence, athletes without ambitions with a view to competitions can achieve quite outstanding successes with Dianabol and Deca. The athletes of the big sport, the advanced athletes and those weighing over 100 kg, need a dose not exceeding 40 mg per day, well, in very rare cases, in 50 mg daily intake. It does not really make sense to increase the number of Dianabol tablets to an incommensurable scale, 15 tablets do not work 2 times better than 7 or 8. The daily dose of 50 mg comes from a pure ignorance of the athletes of the facts about the apparatus, or from despair, because in some, due to the uninterrupted or incorrect reception of the steroid, no progress is seen. The simultaneous use of Dianabol and Anapolon 50 is a bad idea, because these two drugs are too similar in their effect, resulting in a situation similar to that when the athlete takes 10 or more Dianabol tablets. Those who are primarily interested in force, and then muscle mass, can combine Dianabol with Oxandrolone or Winstrol (in tablets). The additional intake of any injectable steroid still produces noticeably better results. To increase strength and muscle mass, Sustanon or Testoviron long-acting 250 mg per week and / or Deca-Durabolin 200 mg per week is especially suitable. To prepare for the competition, Dianabol is fit only with reservations, because in many athletes it causes a large accumulation of water and due to its high convertibility in estrogens it makes it difficult for the athlete to reduce fat. Those who do not suffer from this problem, as well as those who have made a hand with Nolvadeks and Proviron, should take Dianabol with steroids in this phase to prepare for the competition: Parabolan, Long-acting Winstrol, Masteron, Oxandrolon, and others.

Because Dianabol only works 3.2 – 4.5 hours, it should be taken at least twice a day to achieve a sufficient concentration of the chemical in the blood. Scientific studies have established that the time of exposure to Dianabol in training days compared with days of rest from them is even shorter, so it seems full of meaning, taking the drug three times a day. Because Dianabol is calibrated for 17-alpha and already this is protected from the loss of its chemical active substance, it should be taken with food, which can often be avoided by advancing gastrointestinal disorders. On the third day after the end of Dianabol, the presence of its active chemical Methandrostenolone (methandienone) in the blood, according to the results of the tests, is negative. This means that the action of the tablets has passed. The athlete should still rely only on the negative urine sample, because the release of the products of the decomposition of methandrostenolone by urine lasts longer. The maximum concentration of the active chemical Dianabol in the blood is reached after an hour – three hours after its administration. Already a simple intake of only 10 mg is manifested in a fivefold increase in the average amount of testosterone in a male. An important reason why Dianabol works well for every athlete is that the endogenous cortisone production is reduced by 50 to 70%. This greatly slows down the percentage of protein breakdown in the muscle cell.

Danabol DS (10mg) company March PharmaceuticalsWomen Dianabol is not advisable, t. on the basis of its strong component, it causes noticeable phenomena of masculinization in women. And yet a sufficient number of athletes bodybuilding and especially athletes powerlifting take Dianabol and at doses of 10 – 20mg a day achieve tremendous success. Women who are not sensitive to an additional influx of androgens, and those that are completely unafraid of the occasional phenomena of masculinization, well manage a dose of 2 to 4 tablets for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks. Higher dosages and a longer time of administration lead to better results, but the presence of androgens in the female body is noticeable. More than 10 mg per day and 50 to 100 mg of Durabolinum per day over 4 to 6 weeks should not be taken by any woman who values ​​her femininity.

DianabolAlthough Dianabol has many potential side effects, they are rare at a dosage of up to 20 mg per day. Because Dianabol is acclimated to 17-alpha, there is an increased burden on the liver. In high dosages and with prolonged use, Dianabol acts on the liver toxic. And yet, he can even increase the secretion of the liver even at a dosage of only 10 mg per day, which is normal again when the drug is discontinued. Because Dianabol rapidly increases weight by means of strong water accumulation, pressure increase and increased heart rate may occur, which makes it necessary to take an antihypertensive (pressure-lowering agent) in the circumstances, such as Cataprizan. An additional method of Nolvadex and Proviron can be used here, since Dianabol is highly aromatized and easily converted into estrogens, causing some athletes gynecomastia and worsening an already bad condition. Due to the strong androgenic component and its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, Dianabol can cause some athletes to have an increased acne vulgar on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. the activity of the sebaceous glands is activated. With a corresponding hereditary predisposition, Dianabol can accelerate hair loss, which is again caused by the high convertibility of its chemical substance into dihydrotestosterone. Dianabol has a significant effect on the level of endogenous testosterone. Studies have shown that taking 20 mg of Dianabol per day for more than 10 days already reduces the level of testosterone production in the body by 30-40%. This is due to the pronounced antigonadotropic effect of Dianabol, i.e. it inhibits the production of gonadotropins (FSH (follicular-stimulating hormone) and LH (lutesinizing hormone)) through the pituitary gland. Another drawback is that as the drug is discontinued, the loss of strength and muscle mass following this is often observed, Accumulated during the intake of the drug in the body, water is again removed from it. In high doses, 50 mg per day, there is in some cases a growing aggressive behavior of the athlete, which, if it was directed solely at training, could be an advantage of the drug. Those who are naturally easy to “explode” by nature should pay attention to this quality of Dianabol, so that its reception does not lead to uncontrolled actions. Despite all the possible problems Dianabol is for most athletes an anabolic “well-being” that improves mood and increases appetite in many athletes in combination with the results achieved and contributes to psychological enlightenment and increased self-esteem.

For years, the only source of Dianabol for athletes is the black market of steroids. There you will find Dianabol of all kinds of colors, forms of release, of various shapes and under a variety of trade names. Those who are interested in buying only the original, should pay attention to the fact that the selected product was included in the list of usual trade names of preparations containing methandrostenolone (methandienone).