pump up quickly muscles

How to pump up quickly muscles?

When a person comes to the gym, of course, he wants to  know how to pump up quickly  muscles? This question is asked literally by all beginning bodybuilders. It can be said without exaggeration that this issue is quite popular, especially in the circles of newcomers who just came to the gym.

In fact, the main thing is actions, then the result will come faster. If you want to get ultra-fast results and preferably with minimal time and resources, then you will most likely be disappointed. You must have patience and willpower to succeed.

How to plan muscle growth?

Each person has his own genetic potential, and financial possibilities too. And still important is motivation. The deciding factor will be for everyone the level of knowledge – in order to make the figure ideal, you need proper training. If you train incorrectly, you can not add a kilogram of weight for a year, whereas those who have cleverly approached training can even add about 8 kilograms in the first year, and maybe even more.

To achieve super fast muscle growth, it is necessary to pay attention to important factors. If you plan everything correctly, you will succeed faster with a minimum of costs.

What is successful planning?

This is the ability to set achievable goals – those that you will strive for during classes, taking into account those factors mentioned above, namely:

  • genetics;
  • food;
  • knowledge.

It is very important to set goals that you can achieve – difficult not to think out better. In this way, you will gradually achieve the desired, which means that there will be an incentive for new, higher achievements.

Each athlete has his own type of addition – depending on this goal, the training is completely different.

Three basic types of man

  1. Ectomorph – thin, with thin muscles and a minimum of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Mesomorph is muscular and broad in bone.
  3. Endomorph – with loose muscles and a fair amount of adipose tissue.

A representative of the first type tries to maximize muscle mass. For the mesomorph, the main task is to combine the increase in muscle mass with the relief drawing.

As for endomorph, for such a person bodybuilding is first of all treasured cubes of the press. When he comes to the gym to swing, then under pumping understands the construction of a relief body.

pump up quickly muscles

If you correctly build a schedule of training, rest and nutrition, then from 15 to 20 kilograms of muscles, the mesomorph and endomorph can grow after 3 years of training. As for the ectomorph, for him it will take about five years of training. So, a beginner athlete can safely navigate these terms.

Factors that help to quickly gain muscle mass

  • Recovery. During and after training, muscles are destroyed, and then restored with excess when you rest. Therefore, it is important to leave enough time for relaxation.
  • It is very important for ectomorphs to reduce all additional loads to a minimum. The main problem for these people is the general level of strength and energy. As a result, the body quickly gets tired, the body needs a long rest.
  • Proper nutrition. Our muscles are built from protein. For one meal it is possible to assimilate from 20 to 30 grams of this useful component.
  • Age is also of great importance. After forty years of testosterone, as well as the metabolic rate is lower than in 20 years. As a result, the muscles also grow more slowly.
  • A good night’s sleep. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Otherwise, the brain can not fully develop the maximum intensity during training.
  • It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke, you must quit smoking , if you drink and use something harmful in addition – tell the polemic about the harm of this all will not, you already “think” you know, and with these substances to gain muscle mass will be impossible!

Stages of progress in muscle building

There are only four:

  1. The body is preparing for hypertrophy – this will take from 2 to 4 months.
  2. The stage of hypertrophy is another 2 years.
  3. Hyperplasia – we add from one year to two.
  4. Period of adaptation of body systems.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these stages of human progress.

1. Body preparation for growth

This is the fastest in duration stage, which plays the most important role in the further growth of the musculature. 

When a person begins to train with weights, then this is a great stress for the body. With regular repetition of the exercises, the body’s systems learn to spend a minimum of energy and not suffer from such loads.

The energy system is being recycled first. As a result, the body learns to create reserves and becomes able to release more energy than before training.

Now, to improve training, muscles spend less energy due to the fact that under the influence of the central nervous system muscles work more in concert. Training makes a person stronger. Your muscles learn and train.

2. Hypertrophy of muscles

At this stage, all the body systems are already sufficiently prepared. Significant muscle hypertrophy is possible only if the energy is tuned and proper supply occurs.

At this stage there is a buildup of muscles, for 2 years the existing muscle fibers increase to the maximum.

Further, new muscle cells are created – they take place to increase in volume.

3. Muscle hyperplasia

At this stage, with the help of a special high-volume workout with light weight, it becomes possible to achieve the division of muscle fibers. Thanks to the newly formed fibers, which are able to grow, it is bodybuildingpossible to achieve additional muscle volume.

At this stage, it is possible to significantly increase the size of the muscles. Literally in one or two years it becomes possible to gain another 5-10 kilograms of muscle mass. So, you can increase the weight from 70 kilograms to 95 and even 100 kilograms.

Many bodybuilders unite the second and third periods into one whole – this stage lasts from 3 to 4 years, while it is possible to gain muscle mass to the maximum. Progress is faster in this case, since hypertrophy and hyperplasia act together, complementing and helping each other.

As a result, it is possible to obtain the maximum indicator of the capabilities of the body’s systems – to increase the maximum volume of muscle mass. Then progress stops. To resume, it is necessary to raise the body’s systemic capabilities – thus it becomes possible to serve more muscles.

4. The stage of habituation of the body systems to training

During this period, all the body systems that limit the growth of muscles develop. At this stage, work on different systems, as a result, they become more powerful and allow you to build more muscles. 

What are these systems?

  1. Power.
  2. Heart.
  3. The circulatory.
  4. Nervous.
  5. Tendonous.

This stage can last indefinitely. Try to make your foundation as solid as possible, build larger muscles – you must decide when to stop and what you need to pay more serious attention to development.

Useful tips for muscle building

  1. Do not use potent pharmacology – this will accelerate the growth of muscles, but with a lot of other problems in the body.
  2. Observe a reasonable schedule of training – find the golden mean, do not overdo it and do not make long pauses.
  3. Sufficient food is needed, because the muscles require growth material for growth.