What is danabol?

What is danabolDanabol is one of the most famous anabolic steroids in the world of sports pharmacology. It is often met under the name of methandrostenolone or in people just methane. It is characterized by high efficiency, ease of use, an obvious result in the form of an increase in the athlete’s physical parameters. Anabolic steroid danabol is time-tested, as it was used by leading athletes from different sports. In all situations, danabol rewarded athletes with its effects, increasing their potential and approaching the conquest of new peaks. To date, danabol has not lost its relevance. Everyone also uses a steroid to develop strength and increase muscle mass. He takes part in various combinations and the creation of anabolic ligaments, increasing the effectiveness of the course.

Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the action of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body. It is obvious that testosterone can directly affect athletic performance and results. Sometimes, loads, diet, stresses inhibit the production of hormones to a catastrophic minimum. In such conditions it is impossible to progress. There is a risk of harming your body and mind. Anabolic steroids in sports not only serve as an engine for progress, but also a necessity for preventing injuries and negative effects of a professional arena.

The anabolic steroid danobol was discovered in 1956. With the advent of the drug, sport has taken a step forward, because it is doping and work in the labs that provides phenomenal progress that a naive fan or spectator enjoys. And it was never otherwise. As a result, American manufacturers in the person of John Ziegler presented a powerful anabolic steroid danabol, dramatically increasing strength and muscle mass.

The main field of application of danabol

– power sports. The drug for a long time was a favorite among weightlifters and powerlifters. Now there are increasingly problems with doping control and our native methane or danabol being caught first. However, this does not prevent us from finding loopholes and gaining benefits from consumption even today.

In those sports disciplines where endurance is important or the technique of performing movements is important, danabol is not the best choice in terms of pharmacological support, although for a long time it has been used almost everywhere. The reason for the unprofitable application is a certain enslavement of muscles, which disrupts the process of respiration of the cell. In other words, oxygen delivery to the muscles is disrupted. For such athletes, there are other anabolic steroids, other combinations and “chemical maneuvers.”

Effects of danabol

Effects of danabol1. Rapid weight gain. Danabol really has an amazing effect to rapidly increase the weight of the athlete. Quality, however, leaves much to be desired. Often methane is used in various combinations with other anabolic steroids, which increases the effectiveness of the course.

2. Increased strength. The main thrust of this drug is to increase the strength indicators. An extremely relevant danabol is for weightlifters and security officials.

3. Stimulation of protein synthesis. This is due to the effects of methane and globulin (a hormone that binds the sex hormones) to certain receptors in the cell. As a result, the cell begins to produce more protein.

4. Elimination of pain in joints due to fluid retention in articular bags.

5. Excellent recovery of glycogen. Heavy workouts on the course work exhaustively on the energy reserve of glycogen. In the case of the use of danabol, rapid regeneration and recovery after training takes place.

6. Increased appetite.

7. Reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Anabolic steroid can reduce cortisol in the blood. Thus, anti-catabolic action allows to keep the muscles from destruction even on the peaks of stress.

8. Helps to avoid muscle destruction after heavy training on the course.

9. Danabol positively affects the level of dopamine. There is an improvement in mood and a fat burning effect, which successfully remains invaluable because of a significant increase in fluid in the athlete’s body during the use of massonborne steroids.

10. Strengthening of the bone apparatus.

The effect of the use of danabol

The effect will not take long. Already in the first week the athlete feels an increase in vitality, a pleasing muscle fullness, an increase in strength and an increase in weight. In addition, there is a charge of vivacity and drive for training and everyday worries. The drug not only positively affects sports progress, but also makes it easier to deal with routine everyday routine. Danabol improves the quality of life.

How to take danabol

In practice, it is one of the easiest to use steroids. It is easy to measure the dosage, because the product is presented in the oral form, and monitor it throughout the entire cycle of mass gain. The best option is to divide the daily dosage into 5-6 equal parts and take it smoothly throughout the day.

The minimum effective dose of danabol is 50 mg. Some argue that you should not take new people over 30 mg of the drug a day. Of course, it is possible to meet the courses of performing athletes, where danabol is used in an amount of more than 100 mg per day, but it is performed for a specific purpose, under the supervision of specialists and with experience in the use of pharmacology.

5 tips to use Dianabol safely to gain muscle

Side effects of danabol

Many stereotypes about the negative effects of steroids and danabol are also associated with misconceptions about them, their work and their being.

Danabol, after being ingested, has the property of being converted to estradiol. If the recommended dosages are exceeded, fluid retention may occur and there is a risk of gynecomastia.

These undesirable effects are easily eliminated. It is enough to follow simple rules.
1. Do not increase dosage to an unreasonable maximum (over 100 mg per day).

2. Do not sit on danabol longer than 6-8 weeks (average cycle time)

3. Carry out a course of therapy with tamoxifen.

As for the negative effect on the liver

Yes, this fact is present, as in a conventional oral steroid. But all fears are much exaggerated and it has already been proven that the toxicity of danabol is harmless than the daily use of alcohol. The sportsman, having passed a cycle of the use of anabolic steroids, on “rest” gives the chance to be restored to the organs. And the liver itself comes back to normal, which can be easily checked by passing tests.