Cytomel: a fat burning steroid for women

Many newcomers are interested in what will happen if you try steroids, what will be the result if you take one short course or take minimum doses. Here the main problem is the preservation of muscle mass: even for steroids that burn fat fast a short course you can get a few pounds of muscle mass, but it is very difficult to keep, as stopping the use of steroids a person begins to lose weight. If you do not take any measures, lead a habitual way of life and train in the usual volumes, all the weight gained on the course can be lost in 2-3 months. For this reason, the recommended break between repetitions of courses is 4 weeks. Thus, to constantly keep in shape and progress, steroids need to be taken constantly.

There are only two options: quickly “pumped up” with steroids and feel like Schwarzenegger until the muscles “blow away” or maintain the muscles in perfect form, “sitting” on doping for 6 to 10 months a year.
With a serious approach to the case for one course, you can gain more than 10 kg of muscle mass. Such a sharp increase creates a load on the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system, and steroids that burn fat fast it is unrealistic to keep the mass in its entirety. 10-15 extra pounds are not made from an ordinary human bodybuilder. If the weight of the athlete before the course was 70 kg, then at 80-85 kg in clothes, it will look almost the same.

With an increase of 180 cm, you need to have a mass of at least 95-100 kg, but for the sake of this it will not be one year to plow in the gym, even with doping.
The first steroid course always steroids that burn fat fast gives excellent results, but let the first impression not be misleading – with each repetition the result will be worse and worse, and to maintain the form it will be necessary to increase dosages and combine various steroids. The higher the dosage, the greater the number of side effects and the stronger the load on the body.
Professionals know about all this, but they are so often forgotten in their zeal for the quick results of the newcomer.
The main problem is that after trying the steroids and feeling the results of their actions, they lose interest in natural training. Some return to steroids some time after the first time they tried – the desire to get more, with less effort, still outweighs the restraint and willpower required for persistent pursuits without applying pharma.