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Kalum Von Moger: training, nutrition and options

Calum Von Moger – was born on June 9, 1990, in Australia. In his childhood, Kalum was an active and athletic boy, although a little thin, like most, and this served as motivation for starting training. An additional motivation for Kaluma was his older brother, who began to walk into the hall. Calum saw how he was changing and gaining muscle mass, after which he began to walk into the hall with him.

The hall was difficult to name, more likely steroid metabolism a half-abandoned building with rusty barbells and dumbbells, where 14 year old Kalum Von Moger began his journey to a dream. Then he did not have a trainer or diet, he just repeated the exercises for his brother, and for one training he pumped the whole body, not hand trainingdividing into separate muscle groups, but he ate stewed tuna and chicken meat. After 2 years of such training, he scored 10 kg of weight, it is quite natural, given his growing body. The building where they trained was sold and Kalum began training at the Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club.

After graduating from school, moving to Melbourne and looking for himself a little, Calum ends specialized courses, and becomes a professional fitness trainer. Some time later he decided to take part in his first competitions “Victorian Bodybuilding Championships” where he takes the first place, after which he is nominated for the “WFF Mr. Universe Junior” where he also wins.

At the moment he already has the title of a three-time winner “WFF Mr. Universe “and a few more prestigious victories behind him. But he became popular not because of his victories, but due to his similarity with Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of physique, he is even called “Arnold 2.0″.

  • Height – 188 cm
  • Competitive weight – 104 kg
  • Weight in off – season – 113 kg
  • Thorax – 122 cm
  • Biceps – 50-51 cm
  • Waist – 81 cm
  • Thigh – 66 cm

Training of hands from Kaloum Vaughan Mohair

Pump voluminous hands with the old school, as in the golden age of bodybuilding, using the program on the hands of Kaluma won Mogera. The training of the hands on the mass according to the principles of the old school implies the use of heavy basic exercises.

I’m not interested in what the bodybuilders look like nutritional supplements today. I prefer classical athletes, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper and Franco Colombo. They had incredible symmetry, excellent proportions and unimaginable overall development. So I want to look like these guys, well, maybe a little better.

Hand training on the mass from Kaluma von Mogera

In this scheme, an old approach is used to train the hands, which will help you build high-biceps peaks and tight horseshoe-shaped triceps. We will work on the mass, and draw a shape. Our goal is not just size. We strive to build size, aesthetics, proportions and balance.

Calum Von MogerI strive to raise myself to the next level – to break the previous strategy and goal. If I leave everything as before, I will stop developing. You will not grow unless you push yourself to the next level. If you want to see the result, you need to complicate the workouts.

Add this workout to your program once or twice a week to maintain the growth of your hands. This training is simple, with a scheme of six exercises: three exercises for your biceps and three for triceps. Start with 12-15 repetitions to warm up the muscles, and then lower your repetitions to the level for building muscles – 4-5 sets for 6-12 repetitions. The large weight and volume of the exercise will be guaranteed as a pump for your hands.

I try to add mass with the help natural muscle of basic exercises, and improve the relief with the help of isolated exercises. Start with multi-joint movements – this is the best way to work on the weight and size of your hands, and end up with isolated exercises for detailing, embossing and adding expressiveness to the muscles of your hands.


How Much Cardio Should I Do When Bulking Up?

How much cardio is needed to lose weight without losing muscle?

By betting on cardio, you will not achieve a high quality body. Bust with cardio always leads to loss of muscle mass. No muscles – no elastic body. This is the ultimate truth, which will not be refuted. Nevertheless, cardio training can be useful as a means of getting rid of fat. If you set this very goal, then cardio-loads can accelerate its achievement. The question is, in what volume should these loads be present in your life, so that they do not “burn” the muscles because of them.

how much cardio should i doGet rid of fat without losing muscle – this is the right goal for everyone who wants to lose weight, except for very fat. “Fat” – not in the understanding of “contact” girls who have strayed into the community anoreksichek, but from a medical point of view. If you are diagnosed as obese, your main task is to reduce the body fat percentage, while – without looking back at the muscles. Cardio is not an obligatory means for losing weight, but an auxiliary. You will lose weight and without cardio, if you spend a day more calories than you consume. Daily caloric deficit is the only mandatory condition for losing weight. How to create your own calorie deficit is your business. The main thing – that he was.

Someone is more convenient to reduce the number of calories consumed per day, without adding any cardio to the training plan. Someone is more likely to increase the share of cardio without cutting out several hundred calories from the daily ration. Someone just adds cardio and a little trims their calorie. All these ways are effective if you create a daily calorie deficit and there is no search for cardio stem cells pdf, which leads to loss of muscle mass. Bust is how much? Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question and can not be. The amount of cardio that can overpower the body without negatively affecting strength training, strength and ability to recover in conditions of a daily caloric deficit, is an individual thing.

Depends on your physical characteristics and age, the level of stress that is present in your life, the amount of sleep you need to recover, and how your strength training program is composed of many other factors . The fact that for one will be a search, for another one can be the best option. All I can do is give you the signs that you are sorting out of the cardio. 1) In the hall: your strength indicators fall, working weights decrease, the volume of strength training is reduced. 2) Outside the hall: you feel more tired than usual. You are tired more quickly, you fall asleep worse. You feel that you train too much.

If you notice a fall in performance in the hall and a decline in strength outside the hall, pay attention to the diurnal caloric deficit. Is it too big? If not, then you should cut some loads. Cut cardio, because it is neither an obligatory means for losing weight, nor a means of improving the quality of the body at all. You can completely abandon cardio training, and can reduce their frequency, duration and / or intensity. Remember: by reducing the daily caloric intake, you should adequately reduce their consumption tasty fat loss, if one of your goals is to reduce the percentage of body fat. Questions?

Cardio for weight loss – to whom, how much, when and why?

Cardio (aerobic exercise) is traditionally associated with weight loss, but this is one of the biggest misconceptions in fitness. Without knowing this, people spend hours walking along the treadmill to get cardio trainingrid of excess fat, but this does not work. Opinions about cardio for weight loss are the most controversial, however, I stumbled upon the wonderful material of Stephen Shaw and could not refrain from partially translating it. In his article, Steve answers all questions regarding aerobic loads.How much cardio is needed to lose fat? Many of you would probably say that a lot. Most would answer fairly specifically, for example, 25-30 minutes, 3-5 times / week. The correct answer is not here, because you do not need cardio to burn fat. Let’s look at why. What is cardio? Aerobic exercise through the eyes of slimming looks like a set of light or moderate exercises that can be performed without stopping for a long time. The goal is simple: while continuing to move, you will burn as many calories as possible. Usually aerobic training is performed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, but since the article is devoted to weight loss, it is necessary to adhere to this topic. There are two main forms of cardio training:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which consist of varying short periods of intense movements, such as 15 seconds of running and longer periods of low-intensity aerobic exercise, like walking.
  • NIT (LIT) low-intensity training. This is a form of cardio typical for the gym – long boring sessions on simulators, like a treadmill, etc.

VIIT is considered to be the most effective form of aerobic training, since it allows burning more kcal in a short period of time. It is more attractive, and even fun, but despite all the advantages, this kind of aerobics is more complicated than NIT. VIIT are short but explosive sessions, which give a big load on the joints, and it will be difficult to perform the exercises, especially for older people or overweight. Based on this, consider an example of the expenditure of calories during a low-intensity cardio session.

What is the calorie consumption for BAT?

On an example of 100 kg of the person the expense of calories during performance of 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio makes:

  • Hiking – 325 kcal;
  • Steyrmaster (simulator “step”) – 325 kcal;
  • Swimming – 325 kcal;
  • Walking is 151 calories.

Let’s say you decided to perform 4 workouts per week for 30 minutes each on the treadmill. Consumption will be only 600 calories per week (given that for the loss of one kilogram it is necessary to spend 7000 kcal). If you work a year, then you burn 30,000 kcal (with several missed workouts), and in the end, lose only 8.5 kg of fat. This is the result of spending 100 hours on the treadmill. The conclusion is this: cardio is good for maintaining health, but not effective for losing weight. Thus, to lose fat, you need to understand the food.

Should i do cardio or weights first

Aerobics, nutrition and weight loss

A good nutrition plan will melt the fat in your body. The only requirement is to accurately monitor calorie intake and adjust the diet if necessary. Most people come to the gym to lose weight, first attack cardiovascular equipment, but the main thing they should think about is diet.

Should i do cardio or weights firstCardio workouts without a reasonable eating plan are a time bomb. If you do not control your diet, then aerobic exercise will probably increase your appetite. This can even lead to the fact that you will not lose fat at all. If you do not control daily caloric content, then you can easily exceed 200-400 kcal.

A meal plan should meet your needs. It will help to lose from 2 to 10 kg / month. Even if you run a few miles on a treadmill, 80-95% of weight loss depends on the nutrition plan. That’s why you do not need cardio to lose weight, but you can use it to maintain overall health. How can aerobics help you lose weight? If the diet plan is designed to change the body composition – loss of fat and muscle mass, it will lead to a loss of 30-45 kg per year, whereas weight loss with cardio is insignificant compared to these figures, aerobic exercise can still be used and buy anabolic steroids uk for weight loss. For example, when the fat loss process slows down. Do not focus on cardio for weight loss. Think better about how this training will improve your health. During the first 4-6 weeks, concentrate on the nutrition program, but you can gradually add aerobic load, but most importantly, do not overdo it. Let your body get used to additional loads, and only then change them. Steve proposes to try a six-week lesson plan on the treadmill:

  • 1st week – 2 times / week. 10-15 min.
  • 2nd week – 2-3 times / week. 15-20 min.
  • 3rd week – 3 times / week. 15-20 min.
  • 4-th week – 3 times / ned. 20-25 min.
  • 5th week – 3-4 times / week. 20-25 min.
  • 6th week – 3-4 times / week. 20-30 min.

More cardio for weight loss you do not need. However, given the above, slowing weight loss can occur with a long period of stay in calorie deficit.

When you reach the plateau, try to slightly increase the time of the cardio by running once a week for 10 minutes longer. See how this will help to get the ball rolling. If you do not do this, you will have to reduce the calorie content of the diet. Do not rush to panic, cutting calories and increasing aerobics, but if the weight has not changed for two weeks, then make minor changes. My 5 cops: I believe that cardio for weight loss is effective only in combination with strength training. It can be held both on the day of rest, and immediately after the power. However, this point should be taken into account steroid guide in a study by Wilson et al. it is said that there is a number of evidence that the combination of aerobic and strength exercises (at one workout) has a negative effect on the increase in muscle strength and size due to the catabolic processes that aerobics launches.

The timing of cardio and its nature depends on the purpose and composition of the body of the trainee. Lyle McDonald argues that for dry people (22% of a woman’s fat and 15% of a man’s fat), who want to become more drier, it is advisable to do aerobics in the morning on an empty stomach, whereas the time for cardio for people with an average% fat is not of fundamental importance. And as for the type of training, the VIIT is more effective, since it allows you to burn more calories, keep muscles, accelerate metabolism, but it is better to spend it on a non-training day. If you need to do cardio on a day of strength training, it is better to give preference to NIT. Still there is an opinion that with low-intensity work on the day of rest it is recommended that the duration of the session is not shorter than 20 minutes, but not longer than 60 minutes, because glycogen stores are depleted in 20 minutes and the body starts using fatty acids. But I am a supporter of the fact that the key is still in nutrition and power loads, and aerobics only provides a little help. Moreover, after the end of the training, the calorie consumption ceases, while the power loads have a longer lasting effect.

Push Up

30-Day Push Up Challenge For Men

Description 30 Day Home Push Up Challenge APK:

30 Day Home Push Up Challenge is a Health and Fitness app developed by Vector Fitness Apps. The latest version of the 30 Day Home Push Up Challenge is 1.0. It was released on Aug 09,2016. You can download 30 Day Home Push Up Challenge 1.0 directly on. Over 1 users rating a average 3.0 of 5 about 30 Day Home Push Up Challenge. Coming to join them and download dieta definizione The strong back and biceps are the key requirement to achieve any fitness mode. You want your spin firm to be fat-free and strong, you want to be able to do push-ups without getting tired, and then look no further and take this 30 day pushup challenge for men up call for free and build your biceps, triceps and shoulder.

Click on the challenge of a 30 day simple 30 day exercise plan for the shoulders where you will do a certain amount of pushing up exercises every day buy dnp for the next 30 consecutive days. Training will intensify gradually from 30 to 100 and 30 days will test you. Both men and women of any age can use the app.

A 30 day push-up application turns your Android device into your Personal Trainer push-up. Whether youíre going to start or already a fan of push-ups, youíll be delighted. Use the application to strengthen Push Upand tone the muscles anywhere, anytime. No gym or equipment needed – just get started! From a scientific point of view, a curriculum developed will guide you to your goal. In addition, forget about counting your repetitions: The proximity sensor in your smartphone / tablet counts all your pushups reliably. You just focus on your form!

These workouts are simple training plans for 30 days. You are increasing the number of push-ups every day based on a timer.

Use 1 Month Push Up Calls app to exercise your arms and chest! Can you do it on the 30th day? Your workouts can start easily, but they slowly increase in difficulty, as you get until the end of the month! Use the call app to keep yourself motivated to build muscle and burn fat!

The statistics of your completed push-up reps are not only very motivating, but offer you a great and useful overview of all your sessions. Use your personal records amp online to boost your motivation even further and save the new PRS settings to strengthen this classic upper body move.

Start your way to the body of your dreams! Launch the Vector Push-Up Workout PRO application, and let your workouts begin – whenever and wherever you feel like it. Always focus on the proper form when doing repetitions; engage your whole body to tone your core, too. Reade set Go!

– 30 days of push-up exercises are pre-programmed and ready to 
go – Six difficulty levels – find a problem for any level of fitness you are 
– Track your progress as you finish 1 month push up call 
– Rest days are pre-programmed to allow muscle recovery 
– Exercise Demo video for each movement 
– Reminds to complete the day challenge 
– Train at home. No simulators are required. 
– 30 day abs call 
– 30 days full body call 
– 30 day emergency call

Included Push Up Exercises:
– Regular push-ups
– Push -up wall – Push
-up knee
– Wide push-ups
– Diamond push-ups
– Elevated push
– ups – Slamping push- ups
– T-push-ups
– Hindu push-ups
– Plyometric push-ups


30 day pushup challenge for menAll high-quality mobile applications parabolin are available for free download. 10,000+ users have downloaded the latest version of PushUp in 9Apps for free every week! Use it to update your abilities. This hot app was released in 2017-04-24. It is available for free download at 9Apps. Challenge yourself, challenge your friends. Want to increase your strength? Improve posture? Build the upper body musclepharm workouts and strengthen your core? Be fit and live healthier! You can have it all by taking this 30 day push up challenge!

This app will serve as a personal trainer throughout your journey!
With features that include:
Counts completed sit-downs to repetitions
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Reminds for the next daysworkouts
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Guide to you on how to perform a move !! Open and complete this task to achieve the best results! For Healthier and New You!

********A warning********

Carrying out often can lead to increased energy, good vibrations, feeling, mood improvement, fat loss, increased immune function and a dramatic reduction in stress. Your reception, the exchange takes care. You have been warned 😉
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