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Calum Von Moger Arm Workout

Kalum Von Moger: training, nutrition and options

Calum Von Moger – was born on June 9, 1990, in Australia. In his childhood, Kalum was an active and athletic boy, although a little thin, like most, and this served as motivation for starting training. An additional motivation for Kaluma was his older brother, who began to walk into the hall. Calum saw how he was changing and gaining muscle mass, after which he began to walk into the hall with him.

The hall was difficult to name, more likely steroid metabolism a half-abandoned building with rusty barbells and dumbbells, where 14 year old Kalum Von Moger began his journey to a dream. Then he did not have a trainer or diet, he just repeated the exercises for his brother, and for one training he pumped the whole body, not hand trainingdividing into separate muscle groups, but he ate stewed tuna and chicken meat. After 2 years of such training, he scored 10 kg of weight, it is quite natural, given his growing body. The building where they trained was sold and Kalum began training at the Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club.

After graduating from school, moving to Melbourne and looking for himself a little, Calum ends specialized courses, and becomes a professional fitness trainer. Some time later he decided to take part in his first competitions “Victorian Bodybuilding Championships” where he takes the first place, after which he is nominated for the “WFF Mr. Universe Junior” where he also wins.

At the moment he already has the title of a three-time winner “WFF Mr. Universe “and a few more prestigious victories behind him. But he became popular not because of his victories, but due to his similarity with Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of physique, he is even called “Arnold 2.0″.

  • Height – 188 cm
  • Competitive weight – 104 kg
  • Weight in off – season – 113 kg
  • Thorax – 122 cm
  • Biceps – 50-51 cm
  • Waist – 81 cm
  • Thigh – 66 cm

Training of hands from Kaloum Vaughan Mohair

Pump voluminous hands with the old school, as in the golden age of bodybuilding, using the program on the hands of Kaluma won Mogera. The training of the hands on the mass according to the principles of the old school implies the use of heavy basic exercises.

I’m not interested in what the bodybuilders look like nutritional supplements today. I prefer classical athletes, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper and Franco Colombo. They had incredible symmetry, excellent proportions and unimaginable overall development. So I want to look like these guys, well, maybe a little better.

Hand training on the mass from Kaluma von Mogera

In this scheme, an old approach is used to train the hands, which will help you build high-biceps peaks and tight horseshoe-shaped triceps. We will work on the mass, and draw a shape. Our goal is not just size. We strive to build size, aesthetics, proportions and balance.

Calum Von MogerI strive to raise myself to the next level – to break the previous strategy and goal. If I leave everything as before, I will stop developing. You will not grow unless you push yourself to the next level. If you want to see the result, you need to complicate the workouts.

Add this workout to your program once or twice a week to maintain the growth of your hands. This training is simple, with a scheme of six exercises: three exercises for your biceps and three for triceps. Start with 12-15 repetitions to warm up the muscles, and then lower your repetitions to the level for building muscles – 4-5 sets for 6-12 repetitions. The large weight and volume of the exercise will be guaranteed as a pump for your hands.

I try to add mass with the help natural muscle of basic exercises, and improve the relief with the help of isolated exercises. Start with multi-joint movements – this is the best way to work on the weight and size of your hands, and end up with isolated exercises for detailing, embossing and adding expressiveness to the muscles of your hands.