build muscles with steroids

Build muscles with steroids

In this article we will tell how to build muscles with steroids. First of all, we will make a reservation at once: the existence of absolutely safe steroids is a myth. At the same time, the safest are steroids, already proven by time and proven in the market. The explanation is quite simple: the development alpha pharma of new steroids is currently being financed much less than before, and is being conducted in the direction of synthesis of drugs that would not have been detected in doping tests, whereas previously the primary goal was primarily the quality and safety of the drugs.

How do steroids work?

Getting into the blood, the molecules of steroids actively interact with the cells of the whole organism, penetrating even into the fat cells. The transmission of a signal from one cell to another begins, and the body begins the production of nucleic acids, resulting in the formation of protein molecules. Thus, the synthesis of protein, the basic building material for muscles, is accelerated. Also, steroids change the metabolism process – burning of excess fat begins and processing it into energy for the synthesis of proteins.

What will happen with the body when taking steroids?

The anabolic effect of taking pharma steriods causes an active increase in muscle mass – up to 10 kilograms per month on the background of a decrease in fatty deposits.

However, deciding to take steroids to build muscles, it is necessary to clearly visualize all the possible side effects that can occur after the cancellation of the course: prostate hypertrophy, testicular atrophy, decreased libido, and even infertility.

During the period of taking medications, there may be increased irritability, increased blood pressure, acne eruptions.

At the modern level of the development of science, it was not possible to eliminate the described androgynous effect from taking steroids. For more information about anabolics, see here.

Please note that taking steroids for sale does not negate rational nutrition. Perhaps not so quickly, but with much lesser consequences for the body to build muscle mass can be through a special diet. More information about the diet for muscle growth can be found on our website.

How to reduce the side effects of taking steroids?

Fortunately, almost all the consequences described above are reversible. Nevertheless, if you decide to take steroids for muscle growth, observe the following recommendations to minimize their side effects:

– never combine different types of geneza pharmaceuticals steroids with each other on your own, do not take several drugs at the same time – this can cause irreparable harm to the body

– in any case do not exceed the dose specified in the instructions – do not exceed the duration of the course recommended in the instructions to the drug

Do not take steroids if your age is less than 21 years.

– Use PCT – a cycle of preparations for reception after steroid therapy.

Reception of steroids for women is strongly not recommended

Strong steroids for muscle mass gain

A very important point in the strong courses on the set of muscle mass is that you will have to forget about the quality and the relief. Most athletes face such problems as:

– a strong fluid retention in the muscles;

– high probability of various side effects;

– absence of a relief;

– increased greasiness of the skin;

– Minimal preservation of the results;

– mandatory use of PCT.

One of the most powerful steroids for muscle mass gain is Anapolon (available only in oral form). This drug has no competitors in its strength of action, it’s no secret that for 2 weeks of admission, you can gain about 10 kg. muscle mass. But, nevertheless, build muscles with steroids has a lot of significant disadvantages, which scare away many fans of anabolics. Increased toxicity and very noticeable fluid retention, and in addition poor preservation of results. However, steroidsthere are many admirers of this steroid and if you pick a good course, then the result will be very impressive. Subsequent oral preparations have a milder effect, but nevertheless, significant drawbacks in the collection of muscle mass do not make them qualitative. Danabol, Methandrostenolone, Anabol – most often beginners buy, not expensive and the opportunity to pump your muscles with steroids in a month. Yes, indeed, these drugs work very much still, but the muscle mass obtained is raw and it is inappropriate to talk about quality here. For the month of reception, you can get from 5 to 10 kg. muscle mass, but a large amount of fluid in the muscles will merge very quickly after the course and it is impossible to stop this process. Because sometimes it is better to immediately buy drugs for quality and do not pour muscles with liquid.