Is an anabolic steroid, the people are called simply methane. Androgens and anabolic steroids in the human body mimic the action of testosterone, which creates a direct link between taking drugs and increasing physical performance. When anabolic is used, there is a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. As a result, the steroid is a priority for the siloviki and bodybuilders.

Anabolic steroids increase the athlete’s physical potential. This is absolutely not bad, as the competitive environment itself dictates terms and rules. And it becomes obvious that pharmacological support is important for a worthy performance. But the desire to develop has affected not only the performing athletes. More and more we notice people using anabolic steroids in their own personal goals. In fact, steroids – this is a racing car, which in the hands of the craftsman gives crazy advantages, entertainment and the brightness of the sensation of the world around. Among all racing cars has long been entrenched legendary anabolic steroid – anabol.

Do not hear about anabol – it’s impossible. The anabolic steroid is very popular, since more than 50 years have passed since the discovery, but its relevance has not been lost. Legendary anabol is characterized by a rapid manifestation of effects and an essentially obvious performance.

Steroid anabol was discovered back in 1956 and is presented for use by American John Ziegler. Then the drug was flaunted under the brand of dianabol. This was the starting point in the development of sports, since anabol was not banned and was used in almost all sports, sometimes not entirely appropriate. Anabol is the basis for the development of strength among weightlifters and siloviki. In the USSR, they did not do without him in preparation for serious competitions.

And now, the countries of the USSR have long been gone, and preparations issued more than half a century ago continue to function in markets and sports circles. Analyzing the arsenal of current pharmacology, of course, you can rejoice in innovation and diversity. But the efficacy of anabolus will not be avoided either now or in the near future. Anabol is an effective anabolic steroid used by high-level athletes.

Anabol significantly increases strength and weight. But representatives of sports disciplines, where stamina and accuracy of movement are important, the technique should be cautious in relation to this drug. The fact is that anabol can work a little on the muscles, which will cause a loss of functionality. For runners for long distances, martial artists, tennis players, there are other selections of pharmacological tools that will prove more effective in a particular case.

Effects of anabol

Effects of anabol1. Increase in muscle mass. One of the priority effects of this steroid. Use anabol bodybuilders in combination with other anabolic drugs to gain muscle mass. The fact is that bodybuilders are interested in the real muscle growth, which can be achieved by combining anabol together with other steroids of the same orientation. With the same testosterone, anabol will prove more effective.

2. Increase in strength indicators. Perhaps, it was possible to put this effect on the first place. Anabol is a priority drug for weightlifters, because in a short time it significantly increases the physical potential of the athlete. The use of anabola significantly increases strength and can push the athlete to new achievements.

3. Stimulation of protein synthesis. The molecule of substance on a pair with SHGG globulin affects the receptors of the cell, as a result of which the production of more protein is stimulated. This phenomenon can be designated as an anabolic process. There is an increase in muscle mass.

4. Elimination of pain from old injuries. Manifestations of the anabol cause some fluid retention in the joint bags, which eliminates pain in the joints. This allows you to train more intensively and achieve results.

5. Regeneration of glycogen. For bodybuilding, glycogen is the main source of energy supply. It is formed due to the process of glycolysis, from carbohydrates. It is stored in the liver and muscles. The use of anabola promotes the rapid recovery of glycogen, which affects the general well-being of the athlete and gives the opportunity to exercise more.

6. Decreased cortisol. The hormone cortisol is formed as a result of various stresses. Anabolic steroid anabol in its direction suppresses its production and promotes bright progress. Muscles are preserved from destruction, and the mass begins to grow a priori.

7. Increased appetite. The use of pharmacological agents to increase mass – steroids – provokes the activation of metabolic processes, the body begins to demand more nutrients for the construction of new muscle structures.

8. Anticatabolic action. Anabol does not allow to break down muscles and works, as anti-catabolic, as, in principle, any other anabolic steroid.

9. Fat-burning effect. Anabol is able to influence the process of lipolysis – to burn subcutaneous fat. This is due to the additional production of dopamine. However, anabol is not advisable to use on the course of drying, as it is difficult to track the process of losing excess weight due to fluid retention in the body.

10. Strengthening of the bone apparatus. For this purpose, anabolus is also used in medicine. In sport, this effect has also become popular, which raises working capacity and protects against injuries.

The general effect of anabolic use is felt already in the first week. The athlete feels an increase in strength and weight gain from the very beginning of the drug. The development of dopamine will lead to an improvement in well-being, vitality and drive for training. Muscles are pleasantly filled and training gives an unforgettable feeling of pumping. Anabolic steroid not only improves efficiency and promotes progress, but also gives self-confidence for solving ordinary, vital affairs.

Dbol (Dianabol) vs. Anabol

How to take anabolic?

Anabolic steroid is available in the form of tablets, and the oral form makes it possible to easily pick up the necessary dosage and vary it, based on your own goals and individual tolerability. Anabol is perfectly combined with other pharmacological preparations focused on mass gain.

The best effects are observed if the daily dosage is divided into 5-6 equal parts and taken evenly throughout the day. Thus, the level of steroid content in the blood will be maintained.

Dosage of anabol

Dosage of anabolThe daily amount of the substance used varies easily due to its oral form. Therefore, you can start with a minimum dosage, if you have never had an experience of using pharmacology – with 10 mg. And then increase it to 30 mg per day. With good individual tolerance, you can reach up to 50 mg, if this is the only drug on the course.

With what to connect anabolic?

For bodybuilders, this drug is effective when it is coupled with other steroids that stabilize the androgen receptors and are directed to mass gain: testosterone, trenbolone, nandrolone, primobol (primover), oxandrolone.

The killer bunch for mass recruitment is the trio – anabol (methandienone), testosterone P, nandrolone.

The symbiosis of anabol (danabol) and testosterone enanthate gives a crazy increase in strength, which is actively used by powerlifters.

You can try a course of oral steroids – anabola, oxera and stavela. In this case there will be a significant increase in strength and a more qualitative muscle mass.

Side Effects of Anabol

The drug has the property of converting to estradiol, because of which there is a certain fluid retention in the body. Avoid this, if you adhere to adequate dosages, do rest between pharmacology courses and conduct after the course therapy with the use of antiestrogens – tamoxifen.

The harm of anabol on the liver is rather exaggerated. Oral steroid can increase the activity of this organ, but the liver after the course is able to recover itself and no negative effects are observed. A few weeks after the course, you can take tests and track the processes taking place in the body.